Ticketek Accessible Ticketing – Cannot book tickets online. A Video Blog

Ticketek Accessible Ticketing John Duthie is a long time sporting fan, and loves to attend musicals, concerts and other events, for both local and international entertainers.  In 2017, customers can book tickets online for events, except if you need accessible seating and/or need to book a ticket for a carer via the Companion Card scheme.  … Read more

Stop bullying, how I did it, and it took courage and action

When I didn’t stop bullying At the end of 1977, having just completed year seven at Payneham Primary School, I was looking forward to joining Marden High School.  The school had a good reputation, and it was just down the road from my home.  It wasn’t long until I faced bullying from two students, Tony … Read more

O-Bahn accessibility issues at the tunnel open day

O-Bahn accessibility issues John Duthie and thousands of other South Australians attended the Community Fun Day at the new O-Bahn tunnel.  It now extends from Rymill Park to Hackney Road (Westbury Street).  John was joined by Jo Blesing (candidate in BRAGG), Phillip Beddall (candidate in WEST TORRENS), the leader of Dignity Party, Kelly Vincent MLC, and Nick Schumi … Read more