2018 Dignity Party election result

Advocacy and Dignity Party

purple cirlce, with white words inside of the name of the partyBefore my accident, my knowledge about disabilities was limited. I considered people in wheelchairs only had issues with walking. I soon discovered many difficulties, obstacles and roadblocks in the world for people with disabilities.

I contacted organisations such as Ticketek, Qantas, Norwood Football Club, and TFE Hotels to resolve accessibility issues. Some businesses were sympathetic, and others were not. He turned to the Human Rights Commission for assistance.

The advocacy work led me to discover the Dignity Party and become a member. Kelly Vincent, leader of the Dignity Party, has helped people with a disability in South Australia.

Vote for John

I contested the seat of Torrens for Dignity Party in the 2018 South Australian election. (The election website still exists).

It was expected that Dana Wortley (Labor) would retain the seat, and the swing towards Labor was 2%. My goal was to receive 5% of the overall vote. I achieved this by obtaining 5.9% of the primary vote, an increase of 5.4% since the 2014 election.

So many facts and charts - it shows the results of the election

(* taken from http://www.abc.net.au/news/elections/sa-election-2018/guide/torr/)

Unfortunately, Kelly Vincent wasn’t returned to the legislative council and the Dignity Party was deregistered in November 2019.

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