Focus on Ability Film Festival – book project ‘MY disABILITIES’

Focus on Ability Film Festival

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The Focus on Ability Short Film Festival asks filmmakers to tell a story about people with disabilities. This year the sponsors have donated over $140,000 worth of cash and prizes.

MY disABILITIES book project

Our MY-dis-ABILITIES book project has produced a film in the “Open Entrant Documentaries” category.  The goals are to increase interest in the book project and to win prize money. If we are fortunate to win a prize, the funds will be used to pay for a few of the book project expenses.

We currently have 44 team members from South Australia, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia.  And one person each from Indonesia, the USA and the United Kingdom. We aim to publish the book in early 2019. Each chapter will focus on a person with a disability or disorder, and share the challenges and successes of each contributor.

Book project goals and vision

Our new book project “MY disABILITIES” will

  • Share the challenges, experiences, stories and insights of people living with disabilities and disorders
  • Encourage other people going through similar experiences
  • Increase community understanding
  • Support those sharing their stories, and the organisations that help them
  • Share the proceeds of the book with team members

Our vision is “To encourage people with a disability, and to increase the knowledge and understanding of disability in the community”.

Please click here for our book website and ordering options.

Please support our book project by viewing the film, and voting for it.

We have Closed Caption, as well as English/中文/Español/Português/Bahasa Indonesia subtitles. A fully accessible version is on the way (it will describe the action for people with vision impairments).

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Child sponsorship

The Focus on Ability Film Festival is open to international entrants. Please consider sponsoring a child here.

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