The bad experience with a Real Estate agent

The Real Estate sign

I noticed a new commercial advertising sign placed at the entrance of the housing estate where I live. The size of the face caught my attention, and it was the only sign located in this residential area. Given the zoning is residential, I didn’t think that a commercial sign should be positioned there. I was advocating on behalf of the residents who lived in the area. We didn’t want to see his face as we returned home in our vehicles.

I didn’t want to see his face every time I arrived home

History of communication from the agent

I previously signed up for updates from the real estate agent, and recently received an SMS which mentioned…

‘Hi, sorry to bother you but I have buyers willing to pay a PREMIUM price for your property right now. Are you ready to sell?’

And I replied…

‘That’s ok. if you have buyers willing to pay a premium price for my property, tell me what they are willing to pay.’

I heard nothing back. So much for customer service.

Contacting the agent about the sign

I sent the agent an SMS …

‘Sorry to bother you, but you are bothering me. Every time I drive into my street, I see an advert for your real estate company. Who gave you permission to put it there? Please remove ASAP’

And received prompt replies which included …

‘Sorry you feel that way John. I am not bothering you. I am simply doing my job’

‘Ps. I will not be removing the banner and have permission. It is not doing anyone harm’

‘Pps. If it goes missing I know who took it. You should be grateful for my services as a resident as I’m adding increased value to your property each year. You should be grateful. I will not be engaging with you further’

I didn’t feel grateful about seeing his face every time I drove past it. Given I was surprised about the permission he received, I asked who gave permission and provided my disappointment that he was accusing me of committing a future action! He was reluctant to give me an answer, but after asking three times, he finally mentioned that the council provided permission for the sign.

Next step the Port Adelaide Enfield Council

I sent an email which simply provided the photo, the location and a question.  I simply wanted to know why the council would allow a commercial advertising sign to be located in a residential area. A week later I received a phone call from the council, and they advised that the Real Estate company hadn’t contacted them. There was no permission from the council and therefore the agent was lying. The council called the agent and asked him to remove the sign.

Going, going, gone.

Similar to an auction, the sign, was going, going…gone. It was a pity that the agent lied to me, didn’t listen and understand the needs of a resident, and started to accuse me of a future crime that didn’t occur yet.

Did the agent have a machine similar to that used in the movie ‘The Minority Report”?

If you see something that doesn’t seem right, take steps and don’t take NO for an answer. And share your experience, particularly if the other party resorts to lying, or making accusations about you.

The scenery will look much better without the big face

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