Alive and not Kicking (a sample from my memoir)

‘Alive and not Kicking’ memoir ‘Alive and not kicking’ is the name I choose for my memoir and shares my life from September 11, 2009. The ‘not kicking’ part of the book name is an attempt at humour, and laughing is vital when living with a disability. The ‘alive’ part celebrates the medical professionals’ efforts … Read more

Carers, Cats, Care plans and Commonsense (or lack thereof)

Introduction I acquired a disability in 2009, and live with paraplegia, chronic pain, apnea, narcolepsy and tuna casserole allergy*. I have personal carers visit my home each night from 8:15 pm for around 90 minutes. They do tasks such as washing clothes, preparing my breakfast and tucking me into bed. Relatively simple and straight forward … Read more