Disability Care Plan

Introduction to a disability care plan

I have a disability, and on a daily basis obtain help from carers. The following provides a glimpse into my disability care plan, which attempts to clearly explain the tasks required. Hoping that you can get ideas for your disability care plan.


  • spartacus a grey and white cat and is mentioned in my disability care planBecame disabled in an accident on 11th September 2009.
  • Complete T4 spinal injury, no sensation below the nipple line. I try to be active with the gym, swimming and riding bike.
  • Chronic pain commenced in October 2010 and this is the major health issue. Can only spend a limited amount of time in the chair, therefore there are many tasks to help me while I am in bed.
  • I live at home with Spartacus the grey and white cat.
  • Evening care is 8:15 pm-9:30 pm (or later if this is better for you).
  • John can be contacted at 9999 999 999.
  • The address is 99 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxx Xxxxx Xx 9999
  • There is much home automation, ask John for a demo. Particularly the lights and blinds

Directions for entering and exiting the house

  • Ring doorbell and stand in front of the intercom or SMS John or Call John
  • John will unlock the garage door. Locate the internal garage key (in the xxxxxxxxxxx). Close the garage door by holding down xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Then unlock the internal garage door. This prevents Spartacus from escaping. Let him look around the garage if he runs in.
  • Read the communication book for the day, and take action if required.
  • Read the notes on the whiteboard (attached to the bookcase). These are things that are being added to the disability care plan, and please place your initials
  • When leaving, ensure the alfresco and laundry doors are locked. When locked the lever shouldn’t move. If you exit via the front door, hold open the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, open the door and close it. It will automatically lock. On windy days please wait for the door to lock. Don’t be concerned with the lights left on. Many are automatic, and John can turn them off later.

Daily Tasks in disability care plan

  • Incontinence tasks – If there are a replacement tube and bladder in the red bucket next to the bed, please replace the current tube and bladder, and ensure the new tube is stretched to avoid curling. Using gloves please carry the red bucket to the toilet (with the urine bucket inside of it); empty urine bottle into toilet and place urine bottle back into the red bucket; take all to laundry sink and disinfect the following with bleach (Do not use vinegar) 1) urine bottle 2) tubing and 3) red bucket; ensure water runs through the tube a few times. Return all to the same location near the bed, and tie tube on the bed rail.; Ensure that the bin near toilet has a new bin liner in it.
  • Bed preparation – If John is not already in bed then prepare bed; shake the sheepskin and then spray with glen 20 and then brush it (located next to the bed); ruffle up the pillows.
  • Clean linen – gather John’s dried linen from the 2 clotheslines (near the laundry/inside the garage). Iron items if required (typically only non-casual shirts) and return items to the appropriate locations, either in John’s WIR or bathroom.
  • Dirty linen – take John’s laundry basket and place items into the correct boxes in laundry – either 1) whites 2) coloured or 3) linen; If there is sufficient washing in a box, then wash it; contents of each box should be washed separately; whites to be washed using the stain remover powder or bleach in order to make white items whiter and other 2 boxes use the standard laundry powder; sheepskin in cold water wool wash and wash 2 or 3 at once. With the exception of sheets and blankets, nothing is to be hung folded on the line (as they take longer to dry)
  • Vax stick cleaner – if you use it, please empty the dust into the kitchen bin. The Dyson in the office can be used in areas that end of the home (if required)
  • Rubbish disposal – Empty bins (kitchen, office, John’s bedroom) and place in the relevant council bin (2 land fill, recycle and green)
  • Cat care – John has the responsibility of looking after Spartacus, and let him know if anything needs to be done in his bathroom. Ie. cat litter used, no food or water low. If Spartacus is bothering you it’s likely he is hungry and best to give him dry food ASAP. Please ensure Sparty’s water container in the laundry is clean and filled up.
  • Kitchen cleanup – If the DW says ‘dirty’ then please load items into it. If the DW appears to be getting filled, then run it. The green Enjo cloths are used to clean the island and stovetop areas. Slightly wet it first. Note – no sharp objects on the black surfaces.
  • Floor cleaning – Please vacuum johns bedroom or bathroom looks like it requires it. You won’t need to clean other floors unless asked.
  • Groceries and supplies – If you notice anything is running low please write on the list on the fridge.
  • The pool – If the manual chair is in pool area replace with the powered chair. Place a plastic bag over the backrest, and one on the seat. Place a grey towel over the headrest and backrest, another grey towel on the seat and ensure it goes on the footrest too. Pour the bucket on John to wash off the chlorine focusing on head and upper body. After he is in bed, hang up all the towels, place the swimwear to dry on the laundry basket. Lock the internal pool door
  • Goodnight tasks – do this last as you help John to bed; pick up any items that have spilled on floor; provide clean socks and underwear when John isn’t have a shower the next morning, otherwise place shower chair next to bed and leave brakes off put a pair of shoes on seat (shoes under bed); the manual chair can be placed next to the curtains – facing the curtains and brakes off ; ensure sparty’s blanket is on cushion; If you notice any marks on John’s body please advise John; Provide clean drinking water, fill it up with the water from kitchen sink tap and kitchen and return to overway table; Boil water and place into the flask, and place in bedroom esky; ensure the little coffee container contains coffee and place a spoon and coffee mug on overway table; place skim soy into a large red coffee cup or an insulated cup is better; Get small handful of frozen berries and place into a container; place the various cushions under or next to John; cover John with sheet and blanket/doona; either charge power or manual chair; close the gym and WIR doors; leave bathroom door 1/4 open ; if Spartacus did a late poo can you scoop and flush in toilet. Flush twice.

Weekly tasks

  • Monday – empty Spartys litter tray into the green bin. Sprinkle bleach into green bin to reduce smell. Wash litter tray in laundry. Place about 3 cups of new litter in it (use gloves and mask and air freshener if necessary)
  • Tuesday and Wednesday – perform these tasks either night
    • clean powered chair
    • change John’s linen (all of it including sheepskin, however doona cover and mattress protector only change every 4 weeks and wipe mattress with disinfectant)
    • pump up the tyres on 2 wheelchairs (manual 90 psi and tricycle 45 psi)
  • Thursday – give CPAP water container a cleanout with mild disinfectant and rinse well
  • Friday – bring council bins in
  • Saturday – give my water container a washout

Things to be avoided

  • Spartacus leaves the home. Go get him
  • Pulling the red cord for the garage panel lift doors
  • The washing machine gets used when the load is low
  • John given S or M sized underwear or shirts
  • Shirts placed on the clothesline and folded in half (leaves a line on the shirt !)
  • Ironing Board left out
  • Sharp objects on the black kitchen surfaces
  • Alfresco and laundry doors are not locked

If you have questions about my disability care plan, please contact me.

I require carers to have commonsense and be ok with cats. What could happen when a carer lacks commonsense? Read my blog.

More information about me can be found at johnduthie.com.

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