Botanic Park accessibility issues while at the Bon Jovi Concert in Adelaide

Success with accessible seating tickets via Ticketek I wasn’t a fan of Bon Jovi, because Jon Bon Jovi was too sexy, and made other males look bad. But I did enjoy listening to their music and jumped at the opportunity to see them in concert. It was scheduled to occur on Tuesday 4th December 2018, … Read more

Court Accessibility at the Sir Samuel Way Building

Visiting Courts and having a wee During October 2018 I attended a court appeared in the Sir Samuel Way building. My goal on the day was to provide support to a family. It didn’t take long to notice court accessibility issues in the building. After attempting to locate an accessible restroom on the third floor, … Read more

Adelaide Festival Centre Accessibility – using restrooms should be easy

History of the Adelaide Festival Centre The focus of this blog is Adelaide Festival Centre accessibility, however, a short history of the centre is a good start. Three months before the Sydney Opera House, Australia’s first multi-purpose arts centre, the Adelaide Festival Theatre opened in 1973. Over time the theatre was joined by the Playhouse and … Read more

Australian Human Rights Commission – asking for help with accessibility

Australian Human Rights Commission. The Australian Human Rights Commission was established in 1986 by the Australian Government, and one of their roles is to ‘resolve complaints of discrimination or breaches of human rights under federal laws’. In 1992 the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act made it an offence to treat people unfairly because of a disability. The Australian Human … Read more

Wheelchair accessible taxi – catching a cab shouldn’t be this difficult

Wheelchair accessible taxi introduction In Adelaide, catching a wheelchair accessible taxi is co-ordinated by Adelaide Access Taxis. Passengers that use mobility aids, such as wheelchairs and scooters make use of these vehicles that are fitted with hydraulic lifters. The drivers of each wheelchair accessible taxi have received training to ensure they provide a good service … Read more

Carpet Court Review – people in wheelchairs are customers too

Carpet Court Review from a wheelchair user In the past six months, I have selected items for my new home including tiles, wall colour, kitchen appliances, sanitary items, joinery, blinds and other items. My interior designer, Lindi Venter, arranged to meet me at a carpet retailer to choose carpet tiles and hybrid flooring. I didn’t … Read more

2018 Dignity Party election result

Advocacy and Dignity Party Before my accident, my knowledge about disabilities was limited. I considered people in wheelchairs only had issues with walking. I soon discovered many difficulties, obstacles and roadblocks in the world for people with disabilities. I contacted organisations such as Ticketek, Qantas, Norwood Football Club, and TFE Hotels to resolve accessibility issues. … Read more