Serving God with a disability

Introduction to serving God with a disability The history of Christianity is filled with stories of perseverance, faith, and resilience. Among these are tales of saints who, despite their physical or mental disabilities, demonstrated serving God with a disability and made significant contributions to the Church and the lives of its believers. This blog highlights … Read more

God Responds to Our Faith Not Our Actions

God Responds to Our Faith, Not Our Actions Introduction to “God Responds to Our Faith Not Our Actions” The topic of today’s sermon at Lifehouse Adelaide is related to the title of this blog – God responds to faith, not actions. Faith is an integral aspect of Christian belief. The invisible thread binds us to … Read more

8 ways to be a more inclusive church

8 Ways to Be a more inclusive church Introduction The blog provides 8 ways to be a more inclusive church, as I’ve encountered many churches that don’t cater for people with disabilities (PWD). I use a wheelchair, and a few churches either don’t have a suitable bathroom or don’t allow me to enter their church. … Read more

Healing and Faith

Healing and Faith A short time ago I published the blog ‘The Miraculous Healings of Jesus: A Closer Look‘ and am following it up with a blog about healing and faith. Why? I am a Christian who acquired a spinal cord injury in 2009. The Power of Faith The holy scriptures of the Bible offer … Read more

Homosexuality and the Christian Faith

Homosexuality and the Christian Faith Homosexuality and the Christian Faith – Introduction The topic of homosexuality has been a point of contention within the Christian community, often causing division and controversy. While some Christians maintain that homosexuality is a sin that goes against the teachings of the Bible, others argue that LGBTQ+ individuals should be … Read more

The Miraculous Healings of Jesus: A Closer Look

The Miraculous Healings of Jesus: A Closer Look Introduction to the Miraculous Healings of Jesus As I’m a Christian, I regularly hear about the miraculous healings of Jesus during sermons. These stories showcase the power and compassion of Jesus, and they continue to inspire and encourage people to this day. If Jesus is the same … Read more

The great commission includes PWD (persons with disabilities)

Introduction I acquired a disability in 2009, and now use a wheelchair to get around and regularly experience accessibility issues, which makes it difficult, or impossible, to get where I want to go. I’m also a Christian, and this blog focuses on inclusion for persons with disabilities (PWD) in Christian churches. Firstly, I need to … Read more

Alive and not Kicking (a sample from my memoir)

‘Alive and not Kicking’ memoir ‘Alive and not kicking’ is the name I choose for my memoir and shares my life from September 11, 2009. The ‘not kicking’ part of the book name is an attempt at humour, and laughing is vital when living with a disability. The ‘alive’ part celebrates the medical professionals’ efforts … Read more