Published my first book ‘The Eighteen Point Five’

The Eighteen Point Five starts. As I was thinking (and multitasking) on my toilet, I pondered the thought. ‘Why do only famous people get their memoir published?’ I read twenty-five memoirs about people living with a disability and found many to be boring. I wanted to publish a compilation of memoirs of 25 people who … Read more

Focus on Ability Film Festival – book project ‘MY disABILITIES’

Focus on Ability Film Festival The Focus on Ability Short Film Festival asks filmmakers to tell a story about people with disabilities. This year the sponsors have donated over $140,000 worth of cash and prizes. MY disABILITIES book project Our MY-dis-ABILITIES book project has produced a film in the “Open Entrant Documentaries” category.  The goals … Read more

Disability Book Project – ‘MY disABILITIES’ – an exciting new book project

Disability Book Project introduction To help with my own memoir, I read over 25 books. With the except of a few, they didn’t share what it is like living with a disability. I commenced a disability book project entitled “MY disABILITIES” with the vision “To encourage people with a disability, and to improve the knowledge … Read more

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