Dignity Party

The Accident

Dignity Party logoJohn received a spinal injury after being hit by a tree on 11 September 2009. He is still learning how to live with a disability. Before the accident, his knowledge about disabilities was limited. He thought people in wheelchairs only had issues with walking. John hadn’t heard about Dignity Party.

He now has a large group of friends with varying disabilities. And is reading books to gain insights into disabilities other than paraplegia. There are difficulties and obstacles in the world for disabled people.

Advocacy and Dignity Party

John contacted organisations such as Ticketek, Qantas, Norwood Football Club, TFE Hotels and others, in an attempt to make life easier for people with disabilities. Some businesses were sympathetic, and others were not. He turned to the Human Rights Commission for assistance.  The advocacy work led him to discover the Dignity Party and became a member. Kelly Vincent, leader of the Dignity Party, has helped people with a disability in South Australia.

Vote for John

John helped the Dignity Party by contesting the seat of Torrens in the 2018 South Australian election. For more information view the campaign blogs below or visit the campaign site here.

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