John Alexander Duthie (not the Poker Player)

Which John Duthie?

You have reached the personal website of John Duthie. Not the famous poker player. The other famous John Duthie.

In life, things often don’t work out as planned. Commencing at age 44, John was hit by a tree; died; paralysed from the chest down; died again; developed syringomyelia and associated severe pain; betrayed by a friend; went through separation and divorce; attempted self-harm.

Bad things happen in life.

The important thing is how you respond to the circumstances. Good things can happen as a result of the bad times. John has done ok, but it took time, effort and resilience. And more.

The photo is from an immersion therapy session with Determined2, where John’s underwater record is now 32 laps. His swimming record, on the surface of the water, now stands at 42 laps. Before his accident, he could only swim two laps!

This website

This website shares a few areas in John’s life, including:

  • books that John has been involved with (either written, produced or contributed to)
  • the blog “WheelchairJohn” which shares details of John’s life, living with a disability as a Christian
  • how his Faith helps him navigate through difficult times
  • running as a candidate for the Dignity Party in the 2018 SA election
  • his working Career
  • All Blog posts from his Wheelchairjohn blog and Dignity Party campaign site

John would love to hear from you by contacting him directly here, or by leaving comments on the various posts on this site.

John’s three most recent posts

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