Published my first book ‘The Eighteen Point Five’

The Eighteen Point Five starts. As I was thinking (and multitasking) on my toilet, I pondered the thought. ‘Why do only famous people get their memoir published?’ I read twenty-five memoirs about people living with a disability and found many to be boring. I wanted to publish a compilation of memoirs of 25 people who … Read more

Prospect Council Accessibility

Introduction to Prospect Council Accessibility Prospect Council accessibility is essential to my life. I moved into the Prospect Council area during October 2019. It is a custom-built home that has a focus on safety – I acquired an SCI – Spinal Cord Injury in 2009 because an organisation didn’t value my safety. I avoid dangerous … Read more

Life Church Ingle Farm – An Inaccessible church if you use a wheelchair

Man Up 2016 – promising to help men The event ‘Man Up 2016’ at Life Church, Ingle Farm, promised to help men learn how to be a Christian man in today’s world. After parking my van, I jumped into my wheelchair and couldn’t find a suitable entrance. A church member opened a set of blinds, … Read more

Scentre Group accessibility in a wheelchair – my audit

Scentre Group accessibility – introduction to the audit This blog concerns Scentre Group accessibility, and in particular, the Westfield Tea Tree Plaza store. Please see my previous post about accessibility at the centre. The Scentre Group asked me to conduct an audit, and I’ve shared my results with them some time ago. Now I share … Read more

Westfield accessibility in a wheelchair and my bumpy ride

Westfield accessibility – introduction This blog concerns wheelchair accessibility in the Westfield Tea Tree Plaza store. As I’ve been taking my powered chair there since 2013, I’ve not experienced problems until recently. The Scentre Group has interests in and operates the Westfield shopping centres in Australia and New Zealand. A total of 41 centres with … Read more

RAA wheelchair road service – getting you and your wheelchair home

RAA wheelchair road service – an introduction Fortunately, my seven-year-old Pride Quantum 6000Z powered wheelchair, has broken down infrequently. Two flat tyres and twice the battery was disconnected, once by Qantas baggage handlers and the other time by me. I exited the footpath and onto the road, and the asphalt was laid too high and … Read more

Keep SATSS Taxi Subsidy, as the NDIS isn’t providing enough funding

Keep SATSS Taxi Subsidy – introduction SATSS – South Australian Taxi Subsidy Scheme gives freedom to PWD  – people with disability to travel. It discounts taxi fares by either 50 or 75%, depending on the disability. Each eligible PWD gets 80 vouchers every six months and saves up to $4,800 a year. Sounds great, but … Read more

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