50 Successful People with Disabilities

Introduction The world has people, regardless of the obstacles they faced due to disabilities or disorders, who carved out places for themselves in history through sheer talent, persistence, hard work and passion. This blog highlights 50 Successful People with Disabilities – all remarkable individuals – to celebrate their accomplishments. By sharing these details, I aim … Read more

Literary agent scam

Introduction to the literary agent scam A senior literary agent, Steven Fisher from Silver Literary Agency in Nevada, USA, contacted me with an exciting business deal. I previously self-published the book The Eighteen Point Five in 2020, and he had been contacted by Harper Collins USA, and they were interested in publishing the book with … Read more

Alive and not Kicking (a sample from my memoir)

‘Alive and not Kicking’ memoir ‘Alive and not kicking’ is the name I choose for my memoir and shares my life from September 11, 2009. The ‘not kicking’ part of the book name is an attempt at humour, and laughing is vital when living with a disability. The ‘alive’ part celebrates the medical professionals’ efforts … Read more

Published my first book ‘The Eighteen Point Five’

The Eighteen Point Five starts. As I was thinking (and multitasking) on my toilet, I pondered the thought. ‘Why do only famous people get their memoir published?’ I read twenty-five memoirs about people living with a disability and found many to be boring. I wanted to publish a compilation of memoirs of 25 people who … Read more

Focus on Ability Film Festival – book project ‘MY disABILITIES’

Focus on Ability Film Festival The Focus on Ability Short Film Festival asks filmmakers to tell a story about people with disabilities. This year the sponsors have donated over $140,000 worth of cash and prizes. MY disABILITIES book project Our MY-dis-ABILITIES book project has produced a film in the “Open Entrant Documentaries” category.  The goals … Read more

Disability Book Project – ‘MY disABILITIES’ – an exciting new book project

Disability Book Project introduction To help with my own memoir, I read over 25 books. With the except of a few, they didn’t share what it is like living with a disability. I commenced a disability book project entitled “MY disABILITIES” with the vision “To encourage people with a disability, and to improve the knowledge … Read more