Cute and Cuddly Kitty Cat Coloring Collection for kids aged 1 to 8

Flip through the covers and ten sample pages, and click here to purchase.


Unleash your children’s creativity with this fantastic coloring book featuring over 50 unique images of our world’s beautiful cats and kittens.

The cats and kittens are created explicitly for this book and cannot be found in books by other Amazon authors.

What to expect from this coloring book:

  • Geared towards children eight and under
  • Age-appropriate coloring experience of cats and kittens that are easy to color
  • High-quality illustrations that bring each feline to life
  • Single-sided pages prevent color bleeding and allow for easy removal without sacrificing any heroic artwork
  • Large page size (8.5×11 inches), providing ample space for artistic adventures
  • The back and fronts cover preview a few of the cats and kittens
  • Ideal for young hands to grab their favorite crayons or pencils to create a gift for family members or just for placing on the fridge.

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