Esther Simbi – disability doesn’t equate to inability – speech video and text

Esther Simbi and her speech Madie and I attended the “Wild Night in Australia” at Prospect Town Hall on the 30th of September 2017. It was a multicultural music and art night organised by the Divine Orchestra Music Ministry on the last Saturday of September each year. Our friend, Esther Simbi, gave a speech titled ‘Disability doesn’t … Read more

Modbury Special School art auction night

Modbury Special School John Duthie attended the Art Auction event at the Modbury Special School, representing the Dignity Party. The night was a celebration of the achievements of the students. The efforts of the school, teachers, and parents were also recognised. So many proud and happy faces joining together on a night that raised thousands of … Read more

Dangerous trees – Channel 7 TV program “today tonight”

Dangerous Trees John Duthie appeared on the Adelaide-produced current affairs show Today Tonight speaking about the importance of removing trees that are dangerous. Adelaide’s deadly trees – causing serious injuries, even fatalities, not to mention property damage. Now, the new plan to make councils accountable. Contact John Duthie here and visit his personal site here.  

Ticketek Accessible Needs Hotline – 200 phone calls and still no tickets

Ticketek Accessible Needs Hotline introduction When I last checked the year, it was 2017, and the internet is mature and widely used. Fans use the internet to book seats for concerts and other big events. The exception is people with accessible needs, such as those in wheelchairs. My disability doesn’t prevent this from happening, the internet … Read more