Keep SATSS Taxi Subsidy, as the NDIS isn’t providing enough funding

Keep SATSS Taxi Subsidy – introduction SATSS – South Australian Taxi Subsidy Scheme gives freedom to PWD  – people with disability to travel. It discounts taxi fares by either 50 or 75%, depending on the disability. Each eligible PWD gets 80 vouchers every six months and saves up to $4,800 a year. Sounds great, but … Read more

Disability Humour. Living with a disability needs humour (and a few pranks)

Disability Humour – introduction ‘Disability Humour’ – It’s not fun living with a disability, but the humour makes it easier. Before acquiring a disability, my humour, including pranks, would regularly get me into trouble with other people. I took a rubber dog poo into work at Origin Energy and placed it into the filing cabinet … Read more