Child Sponsorship Program – Compassion is a great choice

Child Sponsorship Program A child sponsorship program is an avenue to help children, typically located in other countries. As a Christian, I read many bible verses relating to compassion for other people. Jesus even showed this to children, women, the disabled and also tax collectors! A general example… Matthew 9:35-36 ‘Jesus went through all the … Read more

Spinal Cord Miraculous Healing in Australia – my search for the healed

Introduction. Having a disability and being a Christian always draws me to the verses in the Bible that describe spinal cord miraculous healing. These verses are regularly used in sermons and each time the preacher gets my full attention. Often I would take the opportunity to talk to the pastor following the worship service. Offers to … Read more

Biblical Pain – What does the Bible say about pain?

Introduction to biblical pain The pain in my body is a more significant issue than my paralysis and given I am a Christian, I researched biblical pain. I already knew that a Christian life doesn’t equate to a perfect life. The church was full of people who were imperfect, with faults, and they experience painful events. … Read more

Paraplegia Sleeping Tips with a Spinal Cord Injury (part 1)

Tell me about sleeping with paraplegia I am glad you asked the question, and the short answer is on my back, and the long answer is below. Altogether there are 19 paraplegia sleeping tips. As with all aspects of my life now, there is much planning to ensure I can live as independently as possible. … Read more