Wheelchair accessibility of toilets and car parking – do you need to use it?

Wheelchair accessibility for weeing and parking As I drive and urinate, I make use of accessible parking and toilets.  If you are wondering if I drive and urinate at the same time, the answer is yes. I have an indwelling catheter (just below my belly button) and drain into a leg bag.  This blog relates … Read more

Wheelchair Travel Tips in Australia (Midnight Oil Tour)

Why travel around Australia? I have paraplegia at the T3/T4 level, which is around the level of my chest, and therefore cannot use my body below my chest level.  Combined with chronic pain, this presents many problems when it comes to travelling around Australia.  My favourite band, Midnight Oil, announced they were reforming and setting out … Read more

Immersion Therapy – physically and mentally exhausting a wheelchair user

What is Immersion Therapy? It is difficult to exercise when you are paralysed from the chest down, but not impossible.  Once a week I attend Immersion Therapy with Determined2 at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre.  Immersion therapy is “a world first way in which people with injury or disability can have access to movement and benefits … Read more