The bad experience with a Real Estate agent

The Real Estate sign I noticed a new commercial advertising sign placed at the entrance of the housing estate where I live. The size of the face caught my attention, and it was the only sign located in this residential area. Given the zoning is residential, I didn’t think that a commercial sign should be … Read more

Disability stock photographs by Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a site that sells royalty-free stock photographs, and I have used their services in the past. They have disability stock photographs, and most of them are great. Here are a few samples.     And then I found the following disability stock photographs disturbing, inappropriate, unrealistic and disappointing. Some were stupid. And some … Read more

Adelaide Festival Centre Accessibility – using restrooms should be easy

History of the Adelaide Festival Centre The focus of this blog is Adelaide Festival Centre accessibility, however, a short history of the centre is a good start. Three months before the Sydney Opera House, Australia’s first multi-purpose arts centre, the Adelaide Festival Theatre opened in 1973. Over time the theatre was joined by the Playhouse and … Read more

Forgiveness towards Cedar College and the future (part 7)

Recommending Cedar College before forgiveness. (This blog is part of a series of seven blogs. Please click here to commence reading at the first blog.) My cousin asked for my opinion of whether Cedar College would be suitable for her son. Although I hadn’t progressed towards forgiveness for the school, I had no hesitation in … Read more

Cedar College and my relationship issues & Public Liability lawsuit (part6)

Relationship Issues are the next problem. (This blog is part of a series of seven blogs. Please click here to commence reading at the first blog.) This blog is not covering the details relating to the separation and divorce from my wife. However, the relationship issues are a direct result of the accident at Cedar … Read more