The bad experience with a Real Estate agent

The Real Estate sign I noticed a new commercial advertising sign placed at the entrance of the housing estate where I live. The size of the face caught my attention, and it was the only sign located in this residential area. Given the zoning is residential, I didn’t think that a commercial sign should be … Read more

Disability stock photographs by Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a site that sells royalty-free stock photographs, and I have used their services in the past. They have disability stock photographs, and most of them are great. Here are a few samples.     And then I found the following disability stock photographs disturbing, inappropriate, unrealistic and disappointing. Some were stupid. And some … Read more

Adelaide Festival Centre Accessibility – using restrooms should be easy

History of the Adelaide Festival Centre The focus of this blog is Adelaide Festival Centre accessibility, however, a short history of the centre is a good start. Three months before the Sydney Opera House, Australia’s first multi-purpose arts centre, the Adelaide Festival Theatre opened in 1973. Over time the theatre was joined by the Playhouse and … Read more

Relationship breakdown and suing Cedar College (Blog 6 of 7)

Introduction. A tree fell on me at Cedar College Northgate on September 11, 2009. Seven blogs contain details of the accident (this is the sixth blog) Cedar College Northgate – sports day and tree Spinal Cord Injury and no visits from the school They said what? and withdrawing help Safework SA and victim impact statements … Read more