Wheelie Good Cruises but PWD may pay twice as much!

Wheelie Good Cruises introduction Wheelie Good Cruises promises ‘Hassle-free cruises for people with a disability’. And I’ve heard that they deliver on their promise. The best person to know about cruising with a disability is a person with a disability.  Wheelie Good Cruises is owned by Robert De Pasquale, who has Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. … Read more

Botanic Park accessibility issues while at the Bon Jovi Concert in Adelaide

Success with accessible seating tickets via Ticketek I wasn’t a fan of Bon Jovi, because Jon Bon Jovi was too sexy, and made other males look bad. But I did enjoy listening to their music and jumped at the opportunity to see them in concert. It was scheduled to occur on Tuesday 4th December 2018, … Read more