Wheelchair John blog is John’s blog about living with a disability as a Christian.

He has a few goals for the blog:

  • Visitors with a disability can get ideas, encouragement, and motivation for their lives.
  • The community to have a better understanding of living with a disability.
  • To share how Faith has assisted John in dealing with acquiring a disability.


“Life isn’t about what happens to you. Life is about how you respond to what happens to you.”

Why “Wheelchairjohn”?

John admits “Wheelchairjohn” is a poor way of describing himself, as he is “John Duthie”, who uses a wheelchair, who has a spinal injury, chronic pain, and many other things.

However, “Wheelchairjohn” is easy to remember and sounds better than “Johnwheelchair” or “Johninawheelchair” or other combinations.

So “Wheelchairjohn” it is, and you can visit the site here or view the posts below.

Wheelchair John blogs