The Top 20 Deathbed regrets and how to avoid them

 The Top 20 Deathbed regrets and how to avoid themIntroduction

Not only do I provide the top 20 deathbed regrets and how to avoid them, but I do it 5 times for each of the following areas

  • Relationships and Personal Connections
  • Personal Growth and Experiences
  • Health and Well-being
  • Personal Identity and Expression
  • Legacy and Impact

Here are the top 20 deathbed regrets, 80 more to take to 100, and some actions to avoid regretting them when your time is up. Don’t leave it until it’s too late!

No excuses.

Some regrets may be similar in the sections, but they are important enough to be repeated.

The Top 20 Deathbed regrets and how to avoid them

The Top 20 Deathbed regrets for Relationships and Personal Connections (and how to avoid them)

  1. Regret: Not spending enough time with loved ones. Action: Prioritize family and close friends. Schedule regular meet-ups or calls.
  2. Regret: Holding onto grudges. Action: Practice forgiveness; life’s too short for resentment.
  3. Regret: Not expressing love or feelings. Action: Share your feelings regularly, even if it feels uncomfortable.
  4. Regret: Losing touch with old friends. Action: Make an effort to reconnect. A simple message can reignite a relationship.
  5. Regret: Not reconciling with estranged family members. Action: Take the first step, even just sending a note or making a call.
  6. Regret: Not being a better parent, partner, or friend. Action: Apologize when necessary and strive for self-improvement. Be present in relationships.
  7. Regret: Not listening more. Action: Cultivate active listening skills. Put away distractions during conversations.
  8. Regret: Not setting boundaries in relationships. Action: Learn to say “no” and communicate your needs.
  9. Regret: Letting pride damage relationships. Action: Cultivate humility. Accept and give apologies freely.
  10. Regret: Not creating more memories with loved ones. Action: Plan experiences rather than accumulating things.
  11. Regret: Being too critical of oneself and others. Action: Practice self-compassion and understanding. Everyone is doing their best with what they have.
  12. Regret: Not saying “I love you” enough. Action: Don’t hold back. Express love often and genuinely.
  13. Regret: Neglecting old parents. Action: Regularly check in on aging family members. Make time for them.
  14. Regret: Not making amends. Action: Don’t wait. If you know you did wrong, apologize and make it right.
  15. Regret: Spending too much time working and not with family. Action: Balance work-life commitments. Remember that time is finite.
  16. Regret: Not playing with children more. Action: Prioritize play and quality time. Children grow quickly.
  17. Regret: Not being there for someone in need. Action: Always offer a helping hand, even just listening.
  18. Regret: Letting friendships end over trivial disagreements. Action: Address conflicts with maturity and openness.
  19. Regret: Not attending significant life events of loved ones. Action: Make an effort to be there during milestones and celebrations.
  20. Regret: Not building deeper relationships. Action: Initiate deep conversations and be vulnerable with trusted individuals.

The Top 20 Deathbed regrets for Personal Growth and Experiences (and how to avoid them)

  1. Regret: Not traveling more. Action: Prioritize experiences over possessions. Start small if needed.
  2. Regret: Not learning more or continuing education. Action: Take online courses, join workshops, and read books. Keep the curiosity alive.
  3. Regret: Not pursuing a passion or hobby. Action: Set time weekly for things you love, even if they don’t generate income.
  4. Regret: Being too afraid to step out of the comfort zone. Action: Challenge yourself regularly. Start with small risks and build up.
  5. Regret: Not taking care of mental health. Action: Seek therapy or counselling if needed. Prioritize self-care and mindfulness.
  6. Regret: Not learning to play a musical instrument. Action: Start now. There’s no age limit to learning music.
  7. Regret: Not taking care of physical health. Action: Adopt a regular exercise routine and eat balanced meals.
  8. Regret: Not reading enough. Action: Set reading goals. Join book clubs.
  9. Regret: Not expressing oneself creatively. Action: Dedicate time to write, draw, dance, or any creative outlet.
  10. Regret: Not setting personal goals. Action: Reflect on what you want in life. Set short-term and long-term goals.
  11. Regret: Not standing up for oneself. Action: Cultivate assertiveness. Value yourself.
  12. Regret: Staying in an unfulfilling job. Action: Evaluate career choices. It’s never too late to pivot or retrain.
  13. Regret: Not saving or investing early. Action: Start with a small savings plan. Seek financial advice.
  14. Regret: Not learning another language. Action: Use apps, online courses, or immersion to start learning.
  15. Regret: Being overly influenced by others’ opinions. Action: Cultivate self-awareness. Believe in your own choices.
  16. Regret: Not volunteering or helping others. Action: Find local community services or international volunteer opportunities.
  17. Regret: Not attending live performances or events. Action: Watch for local shows, concerts, or festivals.
  18. Regret: Not documenting life through photos or journals. Action: Start a journal or take photos regularly. Reflect on memories.
  19. Regret: Not taking opportunities due to fear of failure. Action: Embrace failure as a learning tool. Every opportunity is a lesson.
  20. Regret: Living life based on societal norms rather than personal desires. Action: Reflect on what YOU want, not what others expect.

The Top 20 Deathbed regrets and how to avoid them

The Top 20 Deathbed regrets for Health and Well-being (and how to avoid them)

  1. Regret: Neglecting self-care. Action: Prioritize relaxation, hobbies, and downtime to recharge.
  2. Regret: Smoking or other harmful habits. Action: Seek resources and support to quit. Focus on the health benefits.
  3. Regret: Not seeking medical advice or regular check-ups. Action: Schedule regular health screenings and address concerns promptly.
  4. Regret: Overindulgence in alcohol or drugs. Action: Seek help if dependency is suspected. Balance is key.
  5. Regret: Not eating healthier. Action: Incorporate more whole foods and reduce processed foods. Consult a nutritionist.
  6. Regret: Avoiding mental health support. Action: Seek therapy, counselling, or support groups when needed.
  7. Regret: Not exercising regularly. Action: Find an activity you enjoy, even if it’s just walking. Consistency is key.
  8. Regret: Ignoring signs of stress. Action: Develop stress-relieving techniques like meditation or deep breathing.
  9. Regret: Not prioritizing sleep. Action: Establish a regular sleep routine and calm the bedroom.
  10. Regret: Not addressing weight issues. Action: Consult health professionals and create sustainable, healthy habits.
  11. Regret: Not seeking help for chronic pain. Action: Don’t endure pain silently; explore all medical and holistic avenues.
  12. Regret: Ignoring dental health. Action: Regular dental check-ups and good oral hygiene habits are essential.
  13. Regret: Not wearing sunscreen. Action: Protect your skin daily. Sun damage accumulates over time.
  14. Regret: Overworking to the point of burnout. Action: Set boundaries. Know when to rest and recharge.
  15. Regret: Not listening to one’s body. Action: If something feels off, get it checked. Early intervention can be vital.
  16. Regret: Not seeking a second medical opinion. Action: If in doubt, always consult another doctor.
  17. Regret: Not drinking enough water. Action: Keep a water bottle handy. Hydration affects overall health.
  18. Regret: Holding onto negative emotions. Action: Find healthy outlets like journaling, therapy, or talking to loved ones.
  19. Regret: Not seeking holistic or alternative treatments. Action: Explore different treatments. Sometimes a mix of traditional and alternative works best.
  20. Regret: Not addressing addictive behaviours. Action: Recognize the signs and seek professional help. Accountability can aid recovery.

The Top 20 Deathbed regrets and how to avoid them

The Top 20 Deathbed regrets for Personal Identity and Expression (and how to avoid them)

  1. Regret: Not discovering or staying true to oneself. Action: Spend time in self-reflection. Identify core values and principles.
  2. Regret: Living to please others. Action: Learn to prioritize your own needs and happiness.
  3. Regret: Not coming out or embracing one’s identity. Action: Seek supportive communities and environments. Embrace who you are.
  4. Regret: Not changing one’s name or identity despite the desire. Action: Reflect who you truly are, legally or socially.
  5. Regret: Not pursuing personal dreams. Action: Write down your goals and take small steps to achieve them.
  6. Regret: Hiding one’s beliefs or opinions. Action: Be brave in expressing yourself, even if it means facing opposition.
  7. Regret: Not dressing or presenting in desired ways due to fear of judgment. Action: Celebrate your unique style. Wear what makes you feel good.
  8. Regret: Not joining groups or communities that align with one’s identity. Action: Seek and participate in communities where you feel a sense of belonging.
  9. Regret: Not advocating for oneself. Action: Speak up when you feel overlooked or mistreated.
  10. Regret: Suppressing artistic talents due to fear of criticism. Action: Pursue your art. Join classes or groups that foster creativity.
  11. Regret: Not setting boundaries with others. Action: Learn to say “no” and establish limits in relationships and commitments.
  12. Regret: Not exploring spirituality or faith. Action: Engage in spiritual practices or communities out of curiosity.
  13. Regret: Being overly self-critical. Action: Practice self-love and self-compassion. Recognize your worth.
  14. Regret: Not voicing concerns in relationships. Action: Open up channels of communication. Honesty fosters understanding.
  15. Regret: Not standing up against injustice or discrimination. Action: Educate yourself and be an ally. Small acts can make a difference.
  16. Regret: Ignoring one’s intuition. Action: Trust your gut feelings. They often guide you correctly.
  17. Regret: Not celebrating personal achievements. Action: Recognize and reward yourself for milestones, no matter how small.
  18. Regret: Not pursuing deeper self-awareness. Action: Engage in therapy, journaling, or meditation to understand yourself.
  19. Regret: Letting society dictate life choices. Action: Reflect on what YOU truly want and make decisions accordingly.
  20. Regret: Not embracing and celebrating one’s uniqueness. Action: Remember that there’s only one of you. Be proud of who you are.

The Top 20 Deathbed regrets for Legacy and Impact (and how to avoid them)

  1. Regret: Not leaving a legacy or impact. Action: Find ways to contribute, whether through mentoring, writing, or other lasting contributions.
  2. Regret: Not documenting personal history or stories for future generations. Action: Start journaling or recording oral histories. Pass down your experiences.
  3. Regret: Not mentoring or guiding younger individuals. Action: Offer your expertise or guidance to those who could benefit from it.
  4. Regret: Not planting a tree or contributing to the environment. Action: Engage in sustainable practices. Participate in community green initiatives.
  5. Regret: Not preparing a will or estate planning. Action: Seek legal advice to ensure your assets are distributed as per your wishes.
  6. Regret: Not making amends or rectifying mistakes that impacted others. Action: Reach out and apologize. It’s never too late to right a wrong.
  7. Regret: Not being more charitable or giving back. Action: Find causes you believe in and offer your time, skills, or resources.
  8. Regret: Not fostering animals or adopting when one has the capacity. Action: Consider adopting or fostering if you can. Even volunteering helps.
  9. Regret: Not leaving a written or creative work. Action: Dedicate time to writing, painting, or any creation form. Share your perspective.
  10. Regret: Not teaching or passing on a valuable skill. Action: Hold classes workshops, or informally teach friends and family.
  11. Regret: Not setting up something sustainable for future generations. Action: Consider creating scholarships, trusts, or community projects.
  12. Regret: Not being a voice for the voiceless. Action: Advocate for those who can’t speak for themselves, whether animals, children, or any marginalized group.
  13. Regret: Not being more involved in community or civic duties. Action: Engage in local politics, community boards, or grassroots organizations.
  14. Regret: Not recording life lessons for progeny. Action: Compile a book, video, or digital record of advice and stories.
  15. Regret: Not building something lasting, like a business or institution. Action: Start small, maybe a community project or online platform. Aim for longevity.
  16. Regret: Not sponsoring a child or assisting those in dire need. Action: Explore sponsorship opportunities or support charitable organizations.
  17. Regret: Not organizing personal photos, letters, and memories. Action: Dedicate time to create albums, digital backups, or scrapbooks.
  18. Regret: Not leaving behind ethical values for future generations. Action: Communicate and demonstrate your values to your family and community.
  19. Regret: Not writing letters to loved ones for the future. Action: Write heartfelt letters for special occasions, even if they’re far off.
  20. Regret: Not creating a space or environment that benefits others. Action: Build or contribute to community gardens, libraries, or other shared spaces.


Remember, life is a journey, and while regrets are natural, they serve as lessons. Embrace each day with purpose, passion, and positivity.

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