Keep SATSS Taxi Subsidy, as the NDIS isn’t providing enough funding

Keep SATSS Taxi Subsidy – introduction

SATSS – South Australian Taxi Subsidy Scheme gives freedom to PWD  – people with disability to travel. It discounts taxi fares by either 50 or 75%, depending on the disability. Each eligible PWD gets 80 vouchers every six months and saves up to $4,800 a year. Sounds great, but the SATSS taxi subsidy will cease to exist this year.

SATSS vouchers book - has 80 vouchers and the cover provides instructions for the PWD. Keep SATSS Taxi Subsidy

Transition to NDIS

As PWD transition to the NDIS – National Disability Insurance Scheme, the SATSS taxi subsidies are meant to be replaced by funding in the NDIS plans. With my planning, there was no mention of transport funding, and I received nil transport funding. Many other PWD are in similar positions, and some have limited NDIS transport funding.

It seems that both the federal and state governments don’t want to provide the funding. Most PWD cannot afford to pay the full fare and will stay home instead.

The movement

The Facebook group ‘Keep South Australian Taxi Subsidy Scheme‘ was created by Lisa Pierce. Over 300 people have joined the group, as we attempt to share the movement with others. Multiple politicians have mentioned ‘No one will be worse off under the NDIS’, and that’s simply not true. With the NDIS having so many funds that haven’t been spent, why can’t PWD get adequate transport funding, to allow them to work, live and play?

My situation is that I drive my own vehicle, and I am less reliant upon taxis. Please read how I drive at anytime and anywhere, without any help. Recently, My van broke down for four weeks, and I took seventy taxis, and the vouchers saved me around $1,600.

Keep SATSS Taxi Subsidy – the rally

We held a rally outside the South Australian parliament on Friday 26th April 2019. Many politicians supported the event, as well as PWD, and speakers made it clear what we want. SATSS taxi subsidy to continue indefinitely. If you are affected by SATSS being stopped, please join the movement.

Click here to view the ABC news segment of the rally.

showing many people protesting in front of parliament house. Most are holding signs that support keeping SATSS. Lisa Pierce is addressing the crowd


2 thoughts on “Keep SATSS Taxi Subsidy, as the NDIS isn’t providing enough funding”

  1. my husband is disabled and we do not own a car therefore we rely on the access cabs using satss vouchers. We do not qualify for the ndis as we are to old. We have no idea how we will be able to leave the house without the satss to get to social events or medical appointments. I have lobbied the transport minister but to no avail. Sadly no one in government seems to care. The only consolation is that one day they will also be as old as us and hopefully in good health and will not have to rely on the government of the day for their wellbeing. Give us oldies a fair go as not long ago we were young and healthy and life dealt us a bit of a curl ball. regards Jean Wright

  2. I’m 54 and covered by NDIS. My understanding is once I’m 65 there is still funding, but it’s covered by another group other than the NDIS. The keep SATTS movement seems to be focusing on those covered by NDIS. I’m sorry you are not getting funding. Have you tried all avenues as there are many ways to be a squeaky wheel.


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